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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Pinnacle Midwest Insurance Advisors

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Pinnacle Midwest Insurance Advisors has everyone's best interests in mind instead of just trying to get more money out of them. They have so much integrity and are always honest!

Thank you Wayne and Sarah for your commitment to me and my family. I can't say enough good things about you both and I value your honesty and integrity above everything. It's very comforting to know that you have my best interests in mind at all times. You walk the walk, so it's one less thing we have to worry about. If everyone kept their commitments like you do life would be much easier. Keep up the great work .

We had gone through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class which recommends working with an Independent Agent who works with many different insurance companies versus an agent who only represents one company (like State Farm, American Family, etc.).  So based on that information and at the recommendation of our financial advisor, we contacted Wayne and made the change to better coverage, better rates, and a new level of trust in our insurance agent.  Thanks Wayne for all of the time you spent with us making sure we understood what we were paying for!

Gave me good understanding of coverages and why they are important and advised me to make some changes, which I did, because I understood better what I was paying for.  Very thorough!

Life is busy with our family and the last thing I want to do is sit down and review my insurance and go online and call around for quotes from strangers and wonder how much of what they say is true.  It brings peace to me to let Wayne and Sarah manage our insurance because I know they are always doing what is best for our family and I don't have to spend time calculating the motives of the person on the other end of the phone.

Years of misinformation from our own experiences regarding insurance had skewed our view of how to manage our own insurance coverage through a company that didn't provide us an agent.  When a friend, who had worked with Wayne for several years told us to at least talk to him we took his advice.  Wayne certainly found an excellent option for our auto, home, and cabin insurance, but more importantly went out of his way to give us an accurate education of what our options were and the information we desperately needed to finally make an informed decision on how much risk we felt comfortable taking.  Thanks Wayne!

We felt an instant trust with Wayne and Sarah.  They simply do what they promise, which is a rarity these days.  Thanks!

We've been working with Sarah for 8 years now. We fully trust her and we're never in question when making a change. She's proven herself over and over to be reliable. We truly appreciate you taking such a personal interest in our ever changing needs.

When we had a recent accident, they made the process very easy by discussing the process and setting our expectations.  We felt very informed and comfortable throughout the claim knowing we had someone we could rely on to make sure things went as smooth as possible.

Fantastic service and even better people to work with. So easy to deal with. Will never go anywhere else.

We realized how mis-informed we had been for many years after meeting with Wayne.  He took all the time we needed to help us understand exactly what our options were, and we never felt pressured, but truly felt advised and cared for.

Friendly people.  They suggested coverage that we didn't have with Farmers, and even after adding the additional coverages we still brought our cost down.

Great service and they treat you like a friend.

We didn't know there were still sincere and honest insurance agents who truly cared about serving OUR best interests instead of their own.  Thanks Wayne and Sarah!

Our insurance needs are diverse, and Wayne and his staff were able to find the various companies to fit our puzzle together and dramatically improve our coverage and lower our premiums as well as make us much more comfortable knowing we were covered adequately!

Wonderful attention to detail and truly an advocate for our family.

I had been with American Family for several years when I was referred to Pinnacle Midwest. I realized how poorly my agent had taken care of me for all of those years, and definitely did not have my best interests at heart. The flexibility and integrity in which I am treated as a client of Pinnacle Midwest is night and day!

Thank You for helping our family.  You Rock!!

I love the options and service that Pinnacle Midwest gives me as a client. As an independent agency they have lots of companies to look at for my benefit.

Outstanding personal attention with great options for our family!

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